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fire fighting suit

Flame Resistant Fire Protection Suit , Fire Fighting Protective Clothing

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High temperature resistant thermal insulation fireproof fire fighting suit


Fireman fire-proofing preserving clothes

A: fireproofing commander cloth

Get the standard of GA-140-1996

Stuff: flame-resist waterproofing cloth

Color: orange-red, golden-yellow, navy blue

Application: commander could wear preserving cloth when putting out the fire

Characteristics: 1). Flame-resistant capability, its sullying length is less than 15cm, keep burning time is less than 5 seconds, flame-resistant time is less than 25 seconds;

2). Waterproofing and heat resistant

Weight/ suite: 2.2kg

Product sort: 1). Preserving clothes (coat, trousers)

2). Shoes, helmet, and gloves


B: fireman common preserving clothes

Common preserving clothes has the characteristics of flame-resistant, high temperature resistant, and it is the working clothes for fireman to protect themselves when they fighting the fire, also it could be used as fireproofing clothes or waterproofing clothes in some factories.

Main technical parameter:

Flame-resistant capability, sullying length is less than 12mm

Keep Burning time is less than 2 seconds, flame-resistant time is less than 10 seconds

Its temperature resistant capability is larger than Level 3

The centigrade of internal temperature raising is less than 15℃

Color: orange-red, green, orange

Product sort: 1). Preserving clothes (coat, trousers)

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X Ray Protective Clothing

0.25mmPb 0.35mmPb 0.5mmPb X Ray Protective Clothing Shielding X Rays

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0.25mmPb 0.35mmPb 0.5mmPb X Ray Protective Clothing Shielding X Rays


The medical X-ray protective lead apron set are mainly used for the protection from X-ray.
0.25mmPb, 0.35mmPb, 0.5mmPb
The medical X-ray protective apron set, ” lead apron set” for short are made from crude rubber and litharge lead oxide yellow. They are processed and packed with wrapping cloth.
The lead equivalent: 0.25mmPb,0.35mmPb, 0.5mmPb.


The protective lead apron set is mainly used for the protection from X-ray.
The customers can choose the protective apron set of different specifications according to their needs.
It is applicable to the protection from X-ray in the medical treatment organizations.


Before operation, the operator should check the surface packing cloth(inner and outer) of the protective products whether it is firm or not, check whether the connection of the fittings is firm, check whether the attenuation equivalent on the mark is suitable to the operator. After the examination, put on the protective apron set on your body. Then start the operation.




1 After the operation, lay the protective apron set flat or hang them up by coat hangers to avoid breach caused by a long-time fold and avoid radial leak.
2 If the surface of the apron set is dirty, firstly scrub away by banister brush with liquid of lower density or a little amount of washing powder, then wash with clean water and directly airing it at a well ventilated place.
3 When storing the protective apron , put them in the well airy room where untouched the sun shine and far away from the heat source. Must not touch with the acid or alkali chemical products to ensure the service life of them.
4 According to the standard of GB16757-1997, the service life of the protective apron set is 4-5 years. The user should have a regular examination to them. The examination method is to fondle or bend the clothing by hand and check it by eyes. If the crackle of the apron set exceeds one third of it, the apron set can not be used any more, must be discarded or renewed.

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Tactical Head Wear

Tactical Head Wear/boonie Hat Cap for Wargame,sports,fishing &Outdoor Activties

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Tactical Head Wear/boonie Hat Cap for Wargame,sports,fishing &Outdoor Activties

Product Description
Outdoor Sun Cap Camouflage Bucket Mesh Boonie Hat Hunting Cap Protection Quick-Dry Hat
Fabric chin cord,Adjustable drawstring for fixing the hat, especially in windy days
Lightweight and comfortable
Twill 55% Cotton / 45% Poly
The UPF 50+ material blocks 97.5% or more of the sun’s harmful UV rays
Durable and ideal for wearing outdoors at great outdoors
Two buttons help change the hat into another style
Four vent holes keep the cap ventilated
Adjustable chin string, suitable for gale conditions
Perfect for outdoor activities and sports.
Designed to protect the head from the sun and sand.
Fishing / Hunting / Beach / Hiking
Various sizes are available
Diameter: 71/2 inner, 13.5 outer (inch)

Quick Details

Product Name Military Cap Application Military and outdoor
Diameter 71/2 inner, 13.5 outer (inch) Shipping Weight 0.2 pounds
Modul Number E88010 Color As you want
Place of Origin China Logo Customized